Self-Expression Through Energy Dance

Energy dance has grown in new age popularity, but stems from traditional yoga and energy flow practices. In yoga, one focuses on the energy of the body internally, and what is projected as a result. In energy dance, it is easy to gain positive feelings such as that of: peace, creativity and depth. These are often the same positive feelings one tends to practice toward in yoga classes. This type of dance is easy, and when practiced regularly, it can become a beautiful expression of positive light, energy and happiness. Who doesn’t want to express their own self and creativity on a regular basis?

Initially there are few key points to remember when practicing energy dance. First, is that one should perform the dance without caring who or what is around them or watching them. This creative outlet is one that is meant to be open and individualized. Surrounding people should not have an impact on how your internal energy is flowing when performing this dance.

Secondly, it is important to not worry about if you are ‘doing it right’. There is no exact right way in which to practice energy dance. Each person is their own individual, and may perform the dance in their own way; and differently on each occasion. Impulse and improvising are important when surrendering to your own personal flow of internal energy.

Lastly it is important to not try too hard to create an energy that is already there. Do not feel as if the dance needs to be forced; let it come naturally. There is no need to think past the thoughts of the energy itself.

Energy dance begins with obtaining the ‘ki energy’ from within ourselves; which is an energy composed of heat. Start by feeling this ki energy within the center of your palms, and allow it to travel up through your arms. Feeling this warmth, let the energy continue into your chest cavity with should spread evenly across your entire chest area. This channels the awareness of the heart chakra.

When this heat and energy has triggered the heart chakra, life’s energy can be exchanged through the top of the head and heart, creating a beam of light that shoots up and down the meridians of one’s body. With each meridian opening up a great feeling occurs. A feeling of life, healing and peace emerges as the energy is continually flowing throughout the entire body. The world’s energy, connected with your own, gives a natural love for all people, compassion for others and realization of the beauty our earth possesses.

The soul and body are beautiful, and in recharging it regularly through energy dance, once can keep in touch with life’s complete energy. Listening to a beautiful, healing or motivational song often intensifies the dance, making for a greater connection within the music.