Dancing For Exercise – A Family Project

Many years ago dancing used to be one of the most favored forms of entertainment. Ironically, many people found themselves in good shape and when one looked closer, these are the individuals that would go dancing on the weekends.

The dancing during that period was very active, a great deal of body movement, and foot movements were part of the dance routine. As time went on dancing became a little bit more docile with the feet being somewhat planted to the floor. Another thing that is noticed now is that dancing does not seem to be the most favorite past time for weekend entertainment as it once was.

If you and your family are lacking exercise, perhaps dancing would be the ideal solution. It could become an after dinner half hour activity that everyone in the family could participate in. It would just be a matter of going to the family room and putting on some music and just everybody doing their thing with their dancing. It does not mean that you have to have any talent to do the dancing just do what feels good.

You may find that in the beginning the younger ones are not all that interested in this type of activity and may figure that you are a little bit off the wall but that’s okay you will find that after a few episodes of this that they are going to find it quite a bit of fun.

The advantages that you are going to gain from this are going to be not only getting your body into shape but finding that you have more energy and that it is a great workout for the heart as well. In fact, there have been studies that show it is even beneficial for Alzheimer’s disease.

You might even want to make it more of a fun evening and assign specific dance nights such as the belly dancing night and a ballroom dancing night. If you want to make it even more intriguing than you could dress the part as well. You are going to find that not only is this beneficial for great exercise, which is good for your body but it, is a great family event as well.