Dance Floor Decor For Weddings

Once you get through the serious part of a wedding, the ceremony, it is time for the celebration to begin! The reception part of a wedding is all about having a good time, with plenty of great food, flowing Champagne, and of course, lots of dancing. Make the most of your reception by using decorations to make it as festive as possible. These are some great ideas for dance floor décor for your wedding.

The decorating style that you choose for your dance floor should complement the rest of the wedding décor or theme. There are lots of fun ways to add excitement to the dance area in any type of reception venue. You can also use your dance floor accents to reinforce the style or ambiance created by the rest of the wedding theme.

One of the hottest trends in weddings these days is custom lighting effects. The dance floor is a fantastic place to explore this new concept. For an elegant evening wedding, have a custom monogram projected onto the dance surface in your wedding colors. This is an impressive effect, and an easy way to personalize any sort of reception site. The results will be the most dramatic if the lighting in the rest of the room is kept dim to let the monogram really stand out.

There are other ways that lights can be used to dress up a dance floor. For a rustic barn wedding (or actually in any space with exposed ceiling beams) a wonderful idea is to drape the ceiling with strings of tiny white lights. They will twinkle above, reflecting off of your crystal wedding jewelry, and will instantly make the space feel more festive and lively. A variation on this idea is to hand strings of those old-fashioned style Christmas lights with the large multi-colored bulbs. Casually drape the lights on the rough-hewn barn beams for a touch of country cheer.

For an urban or retro inspired wedding, go with that dance floor classic, the disco ball. A little bit tacky, but a whole lot of fun, disco balls can be rented from party supply firms. They spinning and glimmering mirrored balls cast little beams of light onto the dance floor and the revelers and make for a really upbeat party atmosphere. This is a really cool effect if you plan to wear crystal bridal jewelry for your wedding, because it will catch the flashes of light from the disco ball and make you sparkle and shine on the dance floor.

There are other great additions that you can make to the area over your reception dance floor. Colorful strings of Chinese paper lanterns are always pretty, and work especially well for an outdoor wedding late in the day. Suspend wires between trees, and then hang the paper lanterns from the support wires. They will cast a lovely soft glow over the dance area. For a more rustic effect, set up the same type of wire system, but use it to hand pierced copper lanterns instead of Chinese lanterns.