Finances and loans impossible or difficult to obtain

Loans difficult to obtain or impossible – what and what they are and why they are called so!

Loans difficult to obtain or impossible - what and what they are and why they are called so!

The large IT financial phrasebook has been enriched for some time with new and new search terms, ie “impossible loans” where a group of well-defined credit operations are identified with this phrase. This way of calling a part of the credit arose spontaneously between banks and financial brokers to identify a whole series of loans and the like that generally have a negative answer.

In essence, these are all those applicants to whom it is very difficult (but, we add, not impossible) to grant funding. That’s what they are called for this! What are the impossible or difficult to obtain loans? These can be divided into two large types depending on whether: 1) they are already reported to some risk center which presupposes that they have problems with the payment of past debts; 2) others who, although “clean”, do not have the minimum conditions for obtaining credit. Let’s see what they are and what possibilities they have to get credit.

What are impossible loans? 

What are impossible loans? 

1) To the first type of loans difficult to obtain belong all the loans to reported cai and loans to reported crif which are already considered as loans for bad payers to which are added the loans to foreclosed loans to protest and loans to bankruptcies which they are already included in special lists.

2) In the second category of difficult and / or impossible loans we find respectively loans for unemployed, loans with no demonstrable income and loans without paychecks which have difficulty getting credit even if theoretically they are people with a financially immaculate past! What to do in such cases? In addition to the alternative solutions indicated above, we indicate others that have a little in common with all the impossible loans, that is, the exchanged loans and credit cards without a current account

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