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Credit cards are more than a practical means of payment, and in many cases, especially in international purchases or for deposit as a security deposit, even in Germany. It is therefore no wonder that the number of credit card owners is increasing steadily, and with it the number of offers themselves. However, a credit card is not the same as a credit card – the details and conditions at which the card is offered are always important, which makes it necessary to compare the offers in advance.

It is important to pay attention to the different factors that make a credit card a “good” credit card. This includes:

  • the number of acceptance points worldwide
  • the amount of the annual fee
  • the cost of deploying abroad
  • withdrawal fees
  • possible partner and bonus programs

The fees for a credit card are primarily fixed at the point “annual fee” – at least if the credit card is used primarily in Germany and not for withdrawing money, but for payment. On the other hand, if you want to use your credit card regularly at ATMs and abroad, you must also pay attention to the fees when using the card for the respective purposes.

Free credit cards

Free credit cards

The DKB Visa card is mentioned again and again because it does not incur an annual fee. Otherwise, it can score with attractive conditions:

  • Withdraw cash free of charge worldwide
  • worldwide acceptances
  • issued in connection with a free DKB cash account
  • credit interest 1.65%
  • DKB club awards
  • Immediately 1000 Dollar overdraft facility

The DKB Cash account can be applied for easily online – however, the legal age and creditworthiness are required when issuing the credit card.

Cheap credit cards

credit cardscredit cards

In addition to free offers, there are of course also cheap credit cards, which often have to pay the low annual fee due to attractive partner offers – to what extent it is a profitable business depends, of course, on the personal shopping behavior of the card owner.

An example of credit cards that fall into this range would be the fairly popular Amazon credit card, which is free for the first year and is priced annually from 20 $ the following year. The big plus: Customers automatically collect bonus points when shopping, which can be converted into Amazon credit, or which can be credited as credit to the credit card itself.

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