What Can Be Done To Prevent Your Credit Card Information

It is the responsibility of the consumer to keep credit card information and not to share important information such as passwords and CVV codes with anyone else. Consumers are responsible for ensuring security, except for problems other than leakage of information as a result of cyber-hacking of the bank or payment system.

There are some things that can be done to secure the credit cards and paying attention to these details will prevent most victimization. Nevertheless, it would be beneficial to be cautious about payments and other financial issues.

How Is a Credit Card Password Protected?

How Is a Credit Card Password Protected?

Certainly, easily predictable birthday, school number, etc. of the credit card password. It should not consist of numbers. Knowing the credit card password gives the opportunity to make transactions like credit cardholders in many subjects including pos device and telephone banking. Therefore, it is very important that the credit card password is not shared with anyone and consists of mixed numbers.

It is necessary to ensure that people do not look at your card password, especially if the password is dialed on POS devices, if the password is not shown to anyone, and this and similar situations will occur.

If you are determining a password to be used for online payments, it should be ensured that it consists of both letters and numbers and that an unpredictable combination is caught.

Considerations When Paying On The Internet

Considerations When Paying On The Internet

One of the subjects that makes everyday life easier is virtual pos. These POS devices enable consumers to make payments to various institutions over the internet from their home and are used by more and more people.

To ensure the security of the information, it should be ensured that the paid website is the correct website. Recently, the type of fraud called fishing, which is called a fishing line, is used quite frequently. These fraudsters make an exact copy of the website of an institution that receives frequent payments over the internet and advertises in various channels.

Consumers who think that the institution logs on to the website by clicking on these ads only enter the duplicate site and, if they make keystrokes such as credit cards and passwords, they deliver their information directly to the fraudsters.

The website to be paid must have the https: // link and the security certificate should appear on the left side of the address bar. It is also important to carefully examine the website address and make sure that no lower case changes are made.

If things have gone wrong and information has been delivered to fraudsters, the bank should be called directly and connected to the lost stolen line without losing any time.

The customer representative must be told that the information has been obtained by fraudsters and the card must be canceled.

Within a few seconds

Within a few seconds

The entire transaction will end and the transaction will become unavailable with the card information.

In addition, you can only request payment in 3D for credit cards and ATM cards. If you say that you want your online payments to be paid in 3D after calling your bank, SMS verification will also be required for all payments to be made from your credit card shortly.

Since SMS verification is a two-factor verification, even if the credit card information is available, the operation will not be possible because the message is not accessible.

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